Togliatti Calendar of Events - January 2018

1 January 2018 - January 31, 2018

January 2018


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January 2-9

French-English-German Linguistic Camp

Linguistic camp on winter holidays is annually organized by Alliance Franaise Togliatti for children willing to improve their skills of French, English or German. Every day, children are able to communicate with the foreign teachers and participate in different activities.

Linguistic camp provides perfect environment for studying the foreign languages and gaining an experience of multicultural communication. All students form groups, based on their language skill level. It means that the camp studies are very comfortable for beginners. The basic principal of training is to overcome the language barriers and cultivate a childs interest in language and culture.


Holiday center "Electronik"

Alliance Franaise Togliatti,
Tel.: +7 (8482) 51-59-53, 31-83-77

January 5

Christmas Maneuvers

Christmas Maneuvers are among the most exciting annual events carried out during the New Year and Christmas holidays. The main purpose of the Christmas Maneuvers is to revive and maintain the traditions of Russian folk culture as well as strengthen the spiritual communication between different age groups.

Togliatti, Yuzhnoe shosse, 137,
Park Complex of the history of transport engineering named after K. Sakharov

The Park Complex of the history of transport engineering named after K. Sakharov ,

Tel.: +7 (8482) 94 -00- 59, 94-00-59

January 10

Museum Day in celebration of Christmas The visitors of the Museum Complex Nasledie may take part in Chrismass Eve traditional rituals, which were popular in Stavropol of the late 19th and early 20th centuries Chrismass Eve.

Togliatti, Sovetskaya str, 39

Nasledie Museum Complex

Nasledie Museum Complex

Tel.:+7 (8482) 48 73 03, +7 (8482) 48 73 02

January 14

Race of Champions The first Christmas race was held a decade ago. Throughout the years, the motorsports champions and prizewinners from Russia and CIS demonstrated their skills on the KVC circuit in Togliatti. The Anniversary Race is expected to be a big show. Some lucky spectators will even have an opportunity to ride a passenger seat in a sport car during a real race.

Samara Region, Stavropolsky District, Sosnovka village (35 km away from Togliatti),

KVC circuit,

LADA Sport, Ltd.

Tel.: + 7(927) 217-87-71

January 18 Exhibition "Samara heights" The exhibition of Samara Space Centre in Togliatti Arts Museum

Togliatti, Lenina blvd, 22

Togliatti Arts Museum

Togliatti Arts Museum

Tel.:+7 (8482) 48 20 89

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