6 schools of Togliatti are in the Top-500 Russian schools

9 October 2017

The Moscow Center for Continuous Mathematical Education named the best schools in Russia. This is the annual report with a list of the best educational organizations in Russia, which is updated annually from 2013.

Previously, there were three general education institutions of Togliatti listed in Top-500: MBU Lyceum No. 19, MBU Lyceum No. 57, MBU Lyceum No. 67. This year, in addition to the above-mentioned institutions, three other schools of Togliatti were added: MBU Lyceum No. 6, MBU Lyceum No. 51, MBU Grammar school № 39.

Samara Region is represented in the rating by 12 schools, 6 of them are located in Togliatti.

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